Why a membership site?

" Learning how to draw is a lovely process. It doesn't happen in a day, it happens over months or even years, it all depends how far you want to take it. The great thing is you will keep improving with each picture you draw.  Each module builds on the knowledge and experience you have gained in previous modules, and there will always be another one to look forward to, with several new releases each year.  

It is all about enjoying the journey as well as the artwork you produce.  So that is why my site is designed primarily as a Membership Site, to support and encourage that wonderful and fulfilling "learning to draw" journey. Enjoy! "   Vanessa

What is Free Membership?

Free Membership is a great way to have a taste of the course. It is packed with drawing tips and demonstrations including the massive Free Drawing Course Preview (11 videos covering a range of topics like How to See Like an Artist and How Artists Use Photos) as well as all the Project Previews where you get a sneak peak at the artwork being drawn. It's a great way to try the course!

What is the difference between Full Membership and Basic Membership?

Full Membership and Basic Membership are the paid subscription options where you get access to all the modules and can start drawing! Full Membership also includes access the the Show&Tell Community Group where you can get feed-back from Vanessa and connect up with other students.

Compare the Features


24/7 Access to all Key Units and Projects


Unlimited lesson replays


Access to Show&Tell Community Page


Access to Vanessa for advice regarding artwork (via Show&Tell)


Contact Vanessa via email for questions/ problems regarding course


Hassle free payment system using your credit/debit card  that is secure and automatic.


Australian dollars

Australian dollars

Not sure which option will suit you best?

Ask yourself these questions


Are you the kind of person who likes to be part of a community and to share the journey?

Full Membership includes The Show&Tell Community Page which would suit you well
There is no option to connect up with other students with Basic Membership

Would you like to be able to post your artwork up on Show&Tell and get feedback and a "Well done!"?

Show&Tell will be perfect for you!
No access to Show&Tell with Basic Membership

Would you like to be able to ask Vanessa questions and get feedback about your artwork?  And benefit from seeing the questions others ask?

You can do this on Show&Tell
This is not possible with Basic Membership

Do you want to be able to contact Vanessa by email if you have any general questions, such as a problem with accessing the site?

You can contact Vanessa via email.
You can contact Vanessa via email

Are you an independent learner and you just want to get on with it and work through the tutorials on your own?

You possibly don't need Full Membership
Basic Membership would be perfect for you!

Do you think you'd never go onto the Show&Tell Page, you're really not into connecting up with others online? Perhaps you don't think you'd want to ask Vanessa questions about your artwork and you'd like to keep the cost down?

No need for Full Membership then!
Basic Membership is the one for you!

Is the subscription for a student under the age of 18 years? 

Full Membership is not for you, it is only available to students over 18 years.  This is for child safety reasons, due to the online community.
Basic Membership is great for kids!  Go to the Basic Membership Page for more info (link below)

How to get in touch

If you have more questions feel free to email or phone Vanessa
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST)