What's included in Free Membership?

There is lots to watch in Free Membership. Start with "Can Anyone Learn to Draw?" (extended version). Then watch the FREE Drawing Course Preview / Mini Course, this is the big one, it is packed with information to get you started. The Project Previews are where you will see the artwork unfold!

Free Membership includes:

  • Loads of drawing tips for beginners!

  • Introduction to the Dot&Grid Method which helps beginners learn to draw accurately

  • Lots of drawing demonstrations including The Sparrow, The Cat's Eye and The Vintage Key

  • How to think like an artist

  • How artists use photo references (including how to find and use photos without breaching copyright).

  • The basic drawing materials you need to start drawing explained

  • Drawing paper explained. What paper should I use for drawing? What is cartridge paper?

  • Sketching pencils explained (HB 2B 6B etc). What's the difference between them all and what are they used for?

  • Introduction to the training-your-eye exercises

  • ... and so much more!


You will get access to the Free Drawing Course Preview which is a HUGE section of "Key Unit 1 Getting You Started" (the first module of the course) and is packed with drawing tips and information! Also all the Project Previews which are full of inspirational drawing demonstrations. You will also receive updates about new releases by email. And when you are ready to start drawing all you need to do is upgrade to Full Membership or Basic Membership, which you can easily do at any time.

  • Access to the full version of the "Can Anyone Learn to Draw?" video

  • Access to the "Free Drawing Course Preview" - an hour long mini course. This is a essentially a large section of "Key Unit 1 - Getting You Started", the foundation stone of the course

  • Access to all Project Previews where you can watch these lovely artworks being drawn and hear some of Vanessa's tips and instructions

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to the above with unlimited replays, watching on your laptop, ipad or mobile

  • Receive Previews of New Releases and occassional special offers or updates


  • Is FREE Membership really completely for free?

    Yes it is, there are no charges at all associated with being enrolled in FREE Membership, and never will be. It's here to give you the opportunity to try the course. I hope you enjoy the videos!

  • Will I get to do any drawing in FREE Membership?

    There are lots of mini demonstrations, including drawing tips and teaching videos, but the actual full length instructional drawing demonstrations and reference materials are only available in Full Membership and Basic Membership.

  • Will I get bombarded with marketing material if I sign up?

    No. I hate it when that happens to me so I will not do it to you. I will periodically send you previews of new releases and you will occasionally receive updates or special offers. Of course you can easily unsubscribe at any time if you no longer want these emails.

  • How do I upgrade from FREE Membership to Full Membership or Basic Membership?

    Simply click on the Enrol Here button in the top right corner of the screen and follow the prompts to enrol in the subscription option of your choice! It's as easy as that!