The Cat's Eye Project

Level 2 Beginners Plus

This Cat's Eye makes a great subject to draw!  It is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot along the way!

In this module we introduce drawing fur for the first time, so you will learn about:

  • My Five Fundamentals of Drawing Fur, which are the key elements you need to remember when drawing fur
  • My "ghosting" technique, which will help guide you as you draw in the fur
  • How to use tone to draw attention to the focal point and create drama in your picture
  • How to draw fur that looks soft
  • How to draw a realistic looking eye
  • How to get the shine to look bright

There is also a bonus extra reference photo of a Tiger's Eye at the end for those wanting to !

Student reviews:

5 star rating

Great Project

Lydia McKechnie

Easy to follow instructions and helpful demos. Thanks Vanessa!

Easy to follow instructions and helpful demos. Thanks Vanessa!

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What do I need to have done before this?

The following modules need to have been completed before you do this project:

  • KEY UNIT 1 - Getting You Started

  • PROJECT 1A - The Vintage Key

What's included in this module?

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    • Welcome

    • What modules should I have completed before this?

    • PART 1: The Line Drawing (and reference photos)

    • PART 2: The Five Fundamentals of Drawing Fur

    • PART 3: The Ghosting

    • PART 4: The Fur & Eyeliner (incl Short Demo)

    • PART 4 continued: The Fur & Eyeliner (Long Demo)

    • PART 5: The Eyeball

    • PART 6: The Final Stage

    • BONUS reference photo! TIGER'S EYE

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