The Vintage Key Project

Level 1 Beginners

This very pretty vintage key is a lovely subject to draw that will help you develop your skills and introduce you to many new techniques.

Some of the things covered in this module:

  • How to draw and check something that is symmetrical
  • New ways to use the grids
  • Making something appear 3D
  • How to draw different textures, ie getting the shaft to look smooth and shiny, the base to appear pitted and the head to look old and textured, and
  • Putty rubbers are introduced and demonstrated

There is also a bonus extra reference photo at the end of the module for those looking for an extra challenge!

Student Review

5 star rating

Vintage Key

Lyndall Rees

Such fun to do, great step-by-step instructions

Such fun to do, great step-by-step instructions

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What's included in this module?

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    • What modules should I have completed before this?

    • PART 1: The Line Drawing

    • PART2: The Tone and Texture (SHORT DEMO)

    • PART 2 (continued): The Tone & Texture (LONG DEMO)

    • BONUS reference photo for those looking for a challenge!

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