Switching on the Creative Side of Your Brain

Level 2 Intermediate

This is one of the most important modules in the whole course.  Learning how to tap into the creative right side of your brain and how to manage the left side, can have a significant impact on your creativity, both your ability and the enjoyment you get from it,  whilst giving you strategies to reduce your frustrations.

This module is divided into two parts, I have done this because there is a lot of important information here and also quite a few drawing exercises so I felt it was probably better to do it in two sessions.

In this module you will learn:

  • The typical characteristics of left and right brain function
  • How and why this can affect the way we think and feel when we are doing something creative (both positively and negatively) and how to manage this
  • How to manage your inner critic
  • The benefits of tapping into the creative right side of your brain
  • How it feels to be in that creative right brain zone and ways to help you get into that zone
  • Typical frustrations and pitfalls of left brain thinking and how to avoid them
  • Does it make a difference if you are left or right handed?
  • Is music a left or right brain function?

The lessons will be followed by some practical drawing exercises that will help switch on the creative side of your brain!

What do I need to have done before this?

I recommend you have completed the following before doing this module:

  • KEY UNIT 1 - Getting You Started (essential)

  • It would be good to have done a Level 1 Project but this is not essential

What's included in this module?

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  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • What modules should I have completed before this?

  2. 2
    • KU2-1 The Basics of Left and Right Brain Function

    • KU2-2 Getting in the Zone

    • KU2.3 Music - Is it a Left or Right Brain Function?

    • KU2.4 Dealing with Your Inner Critic

    • KU2.5 Does it Matter if you are Left or Right Handed?

    • KU2.6 Draw it as you see it

    • KU2.7 Exercise 1: Drawing without Looking - Leaves (easy)

    • KU2.8 Exercise 2: Drawing without Looking - Hand (easy)

    • KU2.9 Exercise 3: Leaf Sketch (moderate)

    • KU2.10 Addendum to Ex3: The star exercise from Key Unit 1 (optional)

  3. 3
    • PART 2

    • KU2.11 Understanding Left Brain's Catalogue

    • KU2.12 Start to Notice Things

    • KU2.13 Don't Squash Inspiration

    • KU2.14 Beware of Pigeon Holing Yourself

    • KU2.15 Exercise 4: Upside-Down Drawing 1 (easy-ish)

    • KU2.16 Exercise 5: Upside-Down Drawing 2 (moderate)

    • KU2.17 Exercise 6: The Puzzle (moderate-hard)

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